Super Happy Terrific Products: Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 8

Mimoco has just released the 8th series of Star Wars Mimobot USB flash drives! The new series are characters from Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, and include Jabba the Hutt, Slave Leia, Jedi Luke and Admiral Ackbar.

All Star Wars Mimobots are available with up to 64GBs of capacity and come pre-loaded w/ exclusive Star Wars content like wallpapers, screensavers and soundbytes.

There is also a Clone Bike Trooper figure being created as a San Diego Comic-Con and Star Wars Celebration VI exclusive. There will only be 1000 of these made so get ready for some ebay action!

Prices for the four non-exclusives start at $19.99 for an 8GB drive and go up to $69.99 for the 64GB drives. You can purchase these Series 8 drives now directly from Mimoco by visiting the online store, here.

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Author: Jeff McKinney

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Blogger, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff, Lover of Happy Hour

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