The World Will Be Watching The Hunger Games

One of the most anticipated and most discussed movies of the year, The Hunger Games, opens tonight at midnight. Movie theaters and fans are gearing up for what will probably be a costume-crazed orgy of excitement on a par with the movies’ actual Hunger Games.

I picked up “The Hunger Games”, the first book of three, last year when I had nothing else to read and some dreaded air-travel to get through. I wasn’t expecting much but I needed something and figured this would be better than flipping through Sky Mall for three hours. I started reading the book at the gate and was almost done by the time my flight landed. It was the epitome of a page-turner and I loved every word of it! I loved the book so much that I bought the second book, “Catching Fire”, for my return flight and hadn’t even been home 24 hours before I ran out to buy the third book, “Mockingjay”.

The books are set in a bleak future where once a year, underprivileged teenagers are picked by lottery and thrown into an arena where they have to kill each other for the amusement of the privileged class. The story (which starts in book one and ends in book three) is riveting, suspenseful, gory and highly entertaining.

I’ll be at one of those midnight screenings tonight (not in costume) so I’ll tell you tomorrow if the movie does the book justice.


Author: Jeff McKinney

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Blogger, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff, Lover of Happy Hour

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