Dead Or Alive? Morton Downey Jr.

I was hanging out with some friends one night and somehow (I’m sure beer was involved) we got to talking about the actor Jonathan Winters. At one point in our lives this guy was everywhere but where was he now? Was he still working in show business? What was the last thing he had done? Was he dead or alive? That conversation led to a recurring blog post titled, Dead Or Alive, in which I ask if you remember people, occasions, events, etc from the past and sometimes present and do you know where they are today?

This week, Morton Downey Jr.

Does anyone else remember this guy? He had a trashy day-time, talk show before trashy talk shows became standard day-time programming. He also acted in the movie Predator 2 (thanks SyFy for showing that over the weekend).

Author: Jeff McKinney

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Blogger, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff, Lover of Happy Hour

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