Giving You Want You Want, Enrique Iglesias and The Transformers

For the past few days, traffic to popOmatic has jumped by 400 – 500 visits a day. I have no idea why the sudden influx is occurring or if this is just a glitch in my stats package but it’s still very exciting. One of the top searches leading people here to popOmatic is “Enrique Iglesias” and a post I wrote last November about bumping into Enrique. Once here, one of the pages receiving the most visits has been an update I wrote on the Transformers Movie sequel

So, in an effort to continue inflating my ego with these stats give you what you are searching for, I’m introducing a new post titled Enrique Iglesias and The Transformers, where I’ll post a different picture of each of these sought after subjects. It’s all part of my ongoing efforts to provide a little something for everyone!


Up first we have Enrique flashing us those bedroom eyes in what looks like a bathroom.Even Enrique Goes to the Bathroom Even Enrique Goes to the Bathroom


Not to be outdone, it’s Transformers Hot Rod, in my bathroom.Hot Rod Getting Ready to Blast Soap Scum
Hot Rod Getting Ready to Blast Soap Scum

Author: Jeff McKinney

Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, Blogger, World's Best Uncle, Movie Buff, Lover of Happy Hour

33 thoughts on “Giving You Want You Want, Enrique Iglesias and The Transformers”

  1. do you think there’s a chance there’ll be an enrique transformer? you know, one that transforms him into a singer that matters?

    well, maybe in hollywood….

    congrats on all of your recent blog activity! lots of hits…like michael phelps.

  2. I did a rant on Nastia Liukin’s mom last summer, and my traffic quintupled in less than 24 hours. It was really weird, proof that every once in a while if you spit with the right wind behind you, it’ll generate some legs for you.

    Still enough of a 12-year old at heart to be excitied about the Transformers 2 flick. “Put the cube….in my chest…” RIP Optimus!


  3. joe – Judging by the pointless crap that celebrities license their images to, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an Enrique Transformer.

    Sonny – It sounds like you know a lot about Hot Rod.

    Kitty – Do you mean that literally?

  4. LOL, no, I guess I don’t. I can think of something that’s in my bedroom that he could transform himself into, but we’ll save that for another blog.

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