Box Office, Ant-Man Still Player #1

It looks like Ant-Man narrowly held onto it’s top-of-the leaderboard position with $24,765,000 earned in it’s second weekend. The competition was close however, with Pixels debuting with $24,000,000 and the #2 spot. Although Hollywood is viewing Pixels’ opening as a disappointment, judging by the terrible reviews and general lack of interest by audiences, I think Pixels should be happy with it’s 2nd place premier.

In other Ant-Man news, the movie passed the $100 million mark this weekend, which took a mere 10 days to do so. By contrast, Terminator: Genisys, which was 10th this weekend, has been out for four weeks and is still about $15 million shy of $100 million.

Speaking of success stories, Jurassic World reached $623.8 million and passed Marvel’s The Avengers to become the 3rd highest-grossing (domestic) movie ever. The current #2 all time movie is Titanic, which grossed $658.7 million. It’s highly unlikely that Jurassic World will reach that mark, but Titanic didn’t do it at once. The movie had multiple releases that boosted it’s final number.

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Reviews, Comic-Con Exclusive Star Wars The Force Awakens Black Series First Order Stormtrooper

Following is my ttpm review of the Comic-Con Exclusive, Star Wars: The Force Awakens The Black Series First Order Stormtrooper from Hasbro.

This is an early glimpse of one of the toys for Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens with the Star Wars: The Black Series 6-inch First Order Stormtrooper from Hasbro.

This is a highly detailed and fully articulated, six-inch figure of a First Order Stormtrooper that comes with two blaster weapons. Judging by the text on the package, The First Order is the name of what remains of the Emperor’s forces in the movie, The Force Awakens. This group still relies on brutality and Stormtrooper-might to take control.

In short, this could be one of Hasbro’s finest figures in the Black Series yet.

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Box Office, Ant-Man Muscles Out Minions

Ant-Man opened in #1 over the weekend with $58 million. That’s the 12th movie in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe to open at #1, but it’s also the lowest per-screen average of the 12. Ant-Man’s per-screen take of $15,051 is slightly less than 2008’s The Incredible Hulk, which took in $15,810 per-screen. Word-of-mouth reviews for Ant-Man have been great, so it will be interesting to see what the box office take is next weekend.

Last week’s #1 juggernaut, Minions (it debuted to $115.7 million) dropped to #2 with another $50.2 million in it’s second week out.

The Amy Schumer comedy, Trainwreck, did better than expected, and debuted at #3 with $30.2 million.

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New Details About Doctor Who in LEGO Dimensions

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment revealed some interesting details about Doctor Who and LEGO Dimensions at San Diego Comic-Con: Peter Capaldi, who plays the 12th Doctor, Jenna Coleman, who plays Clara Oswald, and Michelle Gomez, who plays Missy, will voice their respective characters from the long running British science fiction television series in the game.

Doctor Who will be playable in the LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack with a complete Doctor Who level that finds the game’s heroes continuing their quest while encountering Daleks, Cybermen and other adversaries from the Doctor Who series.

There will also be a Doctor Who Level Pack (sold separately) which includes an additional mission-based Doctor Who level, and comes with a LEGO minifigure of the 12th Doctor and LEGO models of the TARDIS and K-9. Each of these real-world LEGO toys will be playable in the game.

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